The 13th Hour Box Extras

The 13th Hour Box Extras

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The 13th Hour Labyrinth Inspired Box Extras

“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me!”

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- BABE WITH THE POWER (inspired by Toby) - Striped cotton pajamas, baby powder, light florals, and sweet salt water taffy.

- IT'S NOT FAIR! (inspired by Sarah) - Rain water, roses, jasmine, violets, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.

- SHOULD YOU NEED US (inspired by Hoggle) - Suede goblin leather, cedar, sandalwood, amber, velvet musks, and a juicy poisoned peach.

- ROCKS FRIENDS (inspired by Ludo) - Stone fruit, pistachios, almonds, sweet spices, and vanilla cake.

- NONE MAY PASS (inspired by Sir Didymus) - Buttery cinnamon rolls drizzled in a gooey vanilla glaze surrounded by woods, earth, oakmoss, and the Bog of Eternal Stench.

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Wax Type: Premium soy blend
Wax Weight: 1.7 oz

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Each candle or melt is scented with the maximum fragrance oil allowed per pound of wax. Although fragrances do vary in strength, it is also important to remember that scent is subjective. What may be light to one person may be considered to be strong by someone else.

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